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Computer Accounts

Active Directory (A.D.) - Used to login on a campus computer

MyCSU - Your campus portal - includes e-mail, calendar, Enrollment Services information, My Courses, and much more!

CougarView - CSU's learning management system and online course tools


Login information

Students can log onto CSU systems using the following username and password information:

  • Username: lastname_firstname
  • Initial Password: MONTHDAYYEAR (your birth date in MMDDYY format)
    Example: June 5, 1984 = 060584
  • Students are required to change their password at the first login
  • The same password cannot be used twice
  • Passwords require a format of 10 or more alphanumeric and special characters

Secure passwords

Choosing secure passwords is an important step in safeguarding your data and keeping intruders at bay. Here are a few tips for creating secure passwords:

  • Don't use personal information like family names, your address, your occupation, etc.
  • Don't use words found in the dictionary. Password cracking programs simply go thru the dictionary looking for a match.
  • Don't use keys that are next to each other or repetitive like asdfgh or ajajajaj! Someone looking over your shoulder can remember that.
  • Don't use letters only. A combination of numbers and letters is harder to guess.
  • Don't write your password on a sticky note and place it on or in your desk.

Examples of secure passwords:

  • Put a word inside a word: WOinsideRD
  • Use a number instead of a letter – inside becomes 1ns1de
  • Use the first letter of each word in a song title: St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band = splhcb
  • Add a number at the beginning, middle or end of any of the above
  • Use wild characters: ! % * $ @