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Printing Service


Enrolled students receive complimentary pages per semester at no cost.
(One page equals one side of a sheet of paper. A double-sided print is two pages)

Purchase Additional Pages for Printing

Personal Print Manager

How do I Purchase Additional Paper?

  1. Login to Cougarnet > My Tech tab > Services for Students section. Click on:
    • Printer icon or
    • Purchase Additional Pages for Printing or
    • Personal Print Manager
      (login with Novell username and password)
    • Pay-to-Print
      (left column)
  2. Type in your CSU ID number
  3. Choose the amount of paper you wish to purchase. Each side of a printed page is 6 cent each.
    (For example, 50 pages is the equivalent of 50 one-sided print pages or 25 double-sided pages.)
    • 50 pages - $3
    • 100 pages - $6
    • 150 pages - $9
    • 200 pages - $12
  4. Payments can be made using a credit or debit card
    The Pay-to-Print system is not for profit. Funds are used for printer maintenance, paper, and toner.

Will My Unused Pages Rollover or be Refunded?

There are no refunds for unused paper. Balances are cleared at the end of each semester. Purchase only the amount of paper you need.

Where Can I Print in Color, Make Copies, and fax?

Visit the Cougar Copy Center located in the Davidson Student Center next to the bookstore for a full range of services including color, black and white printing, copy and fax, laminating and book-binding

  • Call (706) 507-8630 for more information. Use the Cougar Copy Center for a lower cost per copy.

Can I Print from Wireless or a Mobile device?

  • Login to Cougarnet > My Tech tab > Services for Students section.
  • Click on Personal Print Manager
  • Login to PaperCut
  • Click on Web Print (left side menu)
  • Click Submit a Job
  • Select your printer from the list (click radio button)
    • Click Print Options and Account Selection
    • Select the number of copies you want to print of the job
    • Click Upload Document
    • Select Browse to locate the document you wish to upload
    • Click Upload and Complete to send the job


What Should I Know Before Printing?

  • Login to the Print Release Station next to the printers with your Novell computer login to release your printed documents
  • Sharing your computer login and password with others will jeopardize your paper allotment since print credits are tracked by username
  • Locate your print balance on campus computers at the top right of the desktop or in the PaperCut Personal Print Manager on My Tech tab
  • Refunds are not given for printing mistakes or user errors

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Printing?

To prevent unnecessary use of your paper allotment, be selective and follow the tips below to help you manage and reduce your printing:

  • Limit your printing to academic documents. Avoid printing unnecessary web pages, emails or personal/recreational documents like flyers and brochures
  • Check your documents for grammar and spelling errors BEFORE printing
  • Set your margins, headers and footers correctly BEFORE you print