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Repair Shop Services


Virus Removal:

  • Viruses can be very scary; but here at the Repair Shop, we are experts at finding the source of the threat and eliminating it.


Hardware Installation and Replacement:

  • At the Repair Shop, we perform hardware installations for both desktops and laptops.


Troubleshooting Wireless and Internet Issues:

  • Having problems connecting to CSU's wireless? If so, bring your computer to the Repair Shop where we offer assistance with networking issues for students on campus and in Courtyard II or on RiverPark.


System Tune-Up:

  • If your computer is running slow and not performing properly, we can perform a system tune-up to clean your computer and maximize its performance.


**Our skilled technicians also provide other services, so don't hesitate to bring your system in for a consultation today!



Services we are unfortunately unable to offer:

Bring Computers Back from the Dead: We are sorry, but if a hard drive has completely crashed, we cannot get your data off of it for you. If your CPU has failed, we cannot resurrect your computer. You have our sympathies.

We Do Not Work on Motherboards: Due to the nature of system boards and motherboards, we cannot work on them. This shop is neither certified to do that, nor is it properly equipped. We can, however, direct you to someone who can help.

We Do Not Have a Turn-around Time: Due to this shop being operated by part-time student assistants, we can only devote a certain number of hours to work each week. Rightly so, these hours are divided among all people who bring in computers, have questions, need ResNet issues resolved, and have other school-related problems.